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Amherst Area Facilities within 1/2 mile

Mill River Recreation Area is walking distance to the Townhouse of Amherst
Located at 95 Montague Road, Amherst MA 01002
The Mill River Recreation area in North Amherst is part of a greenbelt that extends southwest to Hadley and the Connecticut River. It is open to the public with no fee to access.
Amenities include:
  • Public swimming pool
  • Tennis, basketball, baseball area
  • Walking trail
  • Picnic area with fire places

Jones Amherst Public Library
43 Amity Street
Amherst, MA 01002
Phone: 413-259-3090

Riverside Plaza Shops
  • Two ATM machines
  • Convenience store
  • Post office
  • Pizzeria
  • Beauty salon
  • Video renting
  • Liquor store

Puffers Pond
As a much loved and widely used natural amenity, Puffer’s Pond has been, and continues to be, an integral area that helps define North Amherst. The Pond is the largest open water body in Amherst and a prominent recreation area for fishing, birding, nature walking, canoeing, picnicking and swimming. Located approximately 3 miles north of the town center, Puffer’s Pond is approximately 11 acres in size with an average depth of 5 feet and a maximum depth of more than 20 feet. The pond is also known as Factory Hollow Pond and is identified on some USGS maps by this name.

Public WiFi Downtown Amherst
Downtown Amherst offers free public WiFi.

Cherry Hill Golf Course
Amherst Municipal Golf Course.
323 Montague Rd.
AmherstMA 01002


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